A two story garden. Plot dimensions: 7.5 meters x 6 meters with a 2 meter fence along two sides.

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This is the initial concept work for a proposed Chelsea Flower Show garden in collaboration with Studio Huw.  

We were working on ideas of bringing the outside in: looking at Japanese inbetween spaces where moss and spreading ground cover enter the living space.  The living area in this case was  to represent a new residential development in East London called Wardian. 

The name Wardian originates from the Wardian case, a compact wood and glass portable construction  made to transport newly identified plant species from across the globe back to England. As a response to the brief we wanted to create something exotic but with an overriding feeling of this gentle relationship between the world inside and the world outside - which is part of the concept for the overall development in Canary Wharf.


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